About My Approach

It can take a lot of courage to schedule a therapy appointment for the first time.  I respect that and believe that trust is the most important part of the therapeutic relationship.  Perhaps by reading a little about my approach, you will gain information helpful in deciding whether I am the right therapist for you.


In working with children –


Young children often do not have the words or maturity to sit and converse about difficulties in their lives.  I use a variety of non-verbal techniques, such as art, sand tray, puppets, and other forms of play therapy in addition to talk therapy.


It’s important to include the parents, and sometimes their siblings, in the therapeutic process.  It’s important to recognize the whole family system, not just the part.


In working with adults –


Therapy is a process.  It is most effective when the therapist and client work together to establish goals for the therapy, and then develop definable objectives for achieving the goals.


When working with adults, either individually or as a couple, I consider the person’s current family system, as well as the family of origin.  We all bring with us certain patterns and preconceptions.  Often we repeat patterns established years ago, even when those patterns might seem destructive now.  Bringing those patterns into consciousness is one of the first steps in effecting change.


I have worked with adults and children who have experienced different kinds of trauma, including child abuse, a death in the family, domestic violence.  Sometimes what we call “talk therapy”, various verbal approaches to therapy, is not sufficient.  Both adults and children can benefit from non-verbal approaches, such as sand tray therapy. 


If you decide to schedule an appointment with me, please feel free to ask me questions about the process.  It is essential that you feel comfortable with your therapist.